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Keyboard Beginnings
Piano | Keyboard Lessons
Children Ages 4-6 plus parent

Join our Keyboard Beginnings Music Classes

Have Fun and Learn at the Same Time!

Play the Piano/Keyboard
Read Notes and Rhythms
Sing with Guitar
Play Rhythm Instruments

Fall Lessons October 5-January 18

$375 Full Payment, or Four Monthly Payments of $100
Materials Fee: $25
Thursdays at 6:00pm
Call Judy for further information
All Occasion Music 732-577-0063
THE KEYBOARD BEGINNINGS curriculum was written and composed by singer/pianist Judy Kagel. Having over 35 years experience, she has an extensive background as an accomplished music teacher of private and group piano/ keyboard lessons.
The Monmouth Academy of Musical Arts is New Jersey's premier musical teaching facility. We offer 25 individual instruction rooms where our professional instructors teach a full range of music education for all levels and interests.
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Academy Calendar

Saturday, January 27, 2018 - 10:00am
Free Demo Class: La Petite Musique Piano
For children 4 years and older, accompanied by an adult.
Call 732-308-4512 or email to register. Space is limited!

La Petite Musique

New classes are forming now for the Spring semester, starting in February 2018.
at the Monmouth Academy of Musical Arts
732-308-4512 (

Join us in our 21st year of offering young children a comprehensive musical education at La Petite Musique! La Petite Musique Piano Classes (for children 4 years and up) beginning in September!

Call now to reserve a spot - 732-308-4512 or email
Private lessons (assessments required).

Learn To Play Piano!

For children 4 years and older, this ground-breaking class combines ear training, solfege singing, note reading, rhythm reading, percussion ensembles, and keyboards to give your child a foundation in music and a mastery of the piano!

Over 2000 students have gone through the program with tremendous success, running the gamut from performances at Carnegie Hall to improvement in self-confidence and ability to focus. Most importantly, the program instills a love of music in the students that will infinitely enrich their lives!

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