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Greg Katona

Guitar (Rock, Classical, Bass)

Greg Katona

Guitar lessons from the age of nine and diverse musical interests as far ranging as contemporary classical music, progressive rock and jazz fusion, as well as a fascination with the history of music in general and the evolution of the guitar in particular, has led Greg Katona on a lifelong journey of exploration of all things guitar.

On the urging of his various guitar teachers, Greg started teaching guitar at a young age and helped support himself by teaching while attending New Jersey City University, where he earned a BA in Music Education as a Classical Guitar Major, graduating magna cum lauda.

It was during these early teaching years that Greg took on a guitar student who was to become his wife of 25 years, Terri.

Greg's diverse musical loves have taken him in many directions; solo classical guitar, jazz big band, duos, and rock bands of various styles. In recent years Greg's 'labor of love' was the progressive rock band 'Foxtrot' who for many years was the pre-eminent Genesis Tribute Band for the tri-state area, with a playing catalogue of virtually all of their early recorded output. The recent departure of their seemingly 'irreplaceble' lead singer and a down turn in the economy has led Greg to disband Foxtrot for now but all parties seem keen on a reunion at some point.

Not content with just playing the music of others, in the mid-2000's Greg was asked to join the New Jersey based, critically acclaimed progressive music ensemble, 'Advent,' who have been described (quite tongue-in-cheek) as "the music of Stravinsky, played by a rock band" due to its staggering complexity. With them he went out playing and promoting their sophomore release "Cantus Firmus" as well as material from the first self-titled album. "Cantus Firmus" was greated with rave reviews by the progressive music establishment all around the world and led to many high profile festival appearances and music contacts. In 2009, the French music label 'Musea' commissioned an original composition from 'Advent' based on Dante's 'Inferno'. This led to Greg's first writing credit with the band and featured him on classical guitar on the highly acclaimed 'Canto XXVI'.

In recent years Greg has had to curtail some of his playing due to a debilitating condition known as 'right hand focal dystonia' which plagues many musicians world wide, but he continues to write and record with 'Advent' and will have three original compositions featured on the upcoming 'Advent III,' slated for release in 2013.

Greg Katona has been a teacher at Monmouth Academy of Musical Arts since its inception and has known Joe and Belle (owners of MAMA) since 1998, shortly after which he became a member of their band, The Cryers, which continues to this day with ever increasing acclaim.

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