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Recording Studio

Recording Studio
Recording Studio
Recording Studio
Our recording studio is run by some of the top recording engineers in the tri-state area. We work with students as well as professionals to get their optimal sound. Our 48-track, top-of-the-line recording facility is also available for live recordings from full bands to acoustic piano.
MAMA's state-of-the art professional recording studio offers:
  • Professional and Amateur
  • On- and Off-Site Recording
  • New and Vintage Equipment to Capture Your Special Sound
  • 48 Tracks of Digital Recording
  • PC-Based Console
  • Wide Variety of Microphones
  • 6'11" Concert Grand Yamaha Acoustic Piano
  • Original 1937 Hammond Organ with Matching Leslie Cabinet
  • Main Studio, Drum and Vocal Rooms Optimized for Sound Separation
  • From Solo Projects to Full Bands
  • Pricing Per Project
Most important - our relaxed, supportive atmosphere will allow you to create your best possible demo or full-length album. For more information or to book the studio, call today: 732.617.1124.

Studio Equipment

Tama Star Classic
Yamaha Stage Custom
1937 Hammond Organ with matching Leslie
C7 Yamaha Grand Piano
Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano
1959 Gibson Maestro Guitar Combo
Ampeg Bass Amp and Cabinet
(2) Ampeg 1400 Series Guitar Amps
Pig Nose Guitar Amp
JCM 900 Marshall Cabinet
Ampeg 2x12 Cabinet
Yamaha Keyboard Cabinet
Peavey 30 Classic
Reveria Combo Amp
Audio Technica
AKG Studio Tube Mic
AKG C3000B
AKG C4000
Audio Technica 3030
Audio Technica 4055
(2) Audio Technica 4041
(2) Audio Technica 3031
(2) D112 Kick Drum Mics
Full Set of Yamaha Drum Mics
Shure SM585
Shure SM575
Custom PC
M-Audio Audiophile Interface
IID 24 Fire Port 1394
Cubase SX
Sound Forge
CD Architect
Waves Mastering Soft Wave
27" Samsung TV Monitor
(2) Alesis HD24 Hard Disk Recorders
DBX-376 Tube Channel Strip
Avalon 747sp 2 Channel Compressor Eq
DBX 1066 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
Furman Quad Noise Gate
Bigmp Quad Limiter/Gate
(3) Alesis 3630 Compressors
Lexicon MPX500 Effects Unit
Yamaha Rev 500 Digital Reverb
Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT Player/Recorder
Denon-600F CD Player
(3) Alesis Black Face ADAT
(2) ONKYO Dual Tape Decks
JVC Turn Table
Mackie 32-8 Mixing Console
(2) Mackie HR824 Monitor Speaks
(2) Samson 48 Point Patch Boy
Tascom 32 Point Patch Boy
Furman 40 Point Patch Boy

Who's Recorded Here...

The Cryers
Billy Hector Band
Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation
Harpen for Help
Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival
Church of Grace and Peace
Thomas Martin
Mel Hood
Bobby Boyd Quartet
Nu Direction
Tchin & Yovani
Jerry Topinka Band
Sue Moss
Rombus Desire
Route 88
Tony Argo
Bill Sims
Janel Nissim
Steeple Chase
Blue Dae Golden
Bob Polding
Jersey Juice
Swamp Not Blues Band
Tom Doyle
Nun The Less
John Lessaris
Against the Grain
Plastic East
Ian Mitchell of the Bay City Rollers
Cheryl Parker
Pastor Bob
Al Caiola
Union Spirit
One-On-One Instruction
Group Instruction
Recording Studio